Coupon Management Service

Protection For Your Promotional Investment

Fraud Review and Control Program

L.M. Gordon, Inc. uses information electronically supplied by your Manufacturers agent, to perform an in-depth analysis of retailer coupon shipments on a weekly basis. We focus on reviewing each and every retailer transaction.  Reviewing individual transactions allows for the identification of retailers using multiple clearinghouses and potential clearinghouse errors.  We deny payments to those retailers who we suspect are misredeeming your coupons.  We utilize criteria such as store size, store redemption history, coupon product mix/media and geographic area in our review process.  

Our review, as opposed to other third party agents, captures activity for all of your redeeming offers in the marketplace, both old and most recent drops.  These offers include all coupons redeemed across all of your products, not just those most recently promoted.  It is necessary to see all promotions, as we do, to arrive at a more objective decision regarding payment.  As your promotions evolve, we will partner with your promotion staff to keep abreast of upcoming programs.


Our service includes handling all retailer inquiries on an individual basis.  After researching the retailer’s submission history, we make a decision to either reissue payment or request proof-of-purchase.  Our request for proof-of-purchase is both Time specific and Product specific, as opposed to requesting the latest three months purchase activity.  Our analysis includes a comparison of purchases to coupons submitted by product.  Our approach ensures that payment will only be made for those coupons for which the retailer has sufficient product purchases (e.g. partial payments).  In all cases, our response to the retailer is specific and factual.


We provide you with a weekly-customized report detailing retailers to whom payment has been denied.  Additionally, we also provide a quarterly recap of payment cancellations and denied coupons reflecting the net savings to your company